With clinical Biochemistry and Neurofeedback Science, you as a Health Care Practitioner dive deep into the pathophysiology of diseases, looking for causes, patterns, meaning and interrelationships. On the basis of certain meta models that you learn, cBNS enables you to place all symptoms and causes in a logical time sequence. This creates a timeline of man and his illness and not a contextless fragment. CBNS helps you understand how OMNIS come to what conclusions and also tells you where to look in the results and the panels in OMNIS.


Look beyond the symptom


Your patient and you examine which mechanical, biochemical and social factors are the cause of the complaints. The symptom is often a sign of a deep-seated problem. You will use a scientifically proven treatment, based on sociology, neurology, endocrinology, psychology and immunology, to structurally solve his problem.


By treating your patient according to the multidisciplinary science clinical BNS you can preventively and curatively address the causes of the disease or disorder, draw up a unique personal cBNS-therapy plan, give your client more self-insight and stimulate therapy compliance.


Where traditional Health Care Providers treat a complaint, a CBNS therapist or doctor do it the other way around: treat your patient with his or her complaint. With the knowledge, insights and skills from clinical BNS, you give your patient back control over his or her life and health.


Just as every patient is different, so is every treatment. To allow your patient’s natural healing process to function optimally again, you use lifestyle and biorhythm modifications, nutrition, exercise coaching, social interventions and vibrational treatment.


You may say goodbye to your patient faster than you’re used to. Not because he doesn’t want to come back, but because his symptoms have been solved. CBNS teaches to give control over his health back to the patient and make him therapeutically independent.


The human body displays symptoms because the person has lost the right track. The symptom actually offers an opportunity to make a change in behavior. In the change lies the solution and the smallest change makes the biggest difference.

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Nine months of Corona have changed the world, not only around us and but also the remote world.

The companies that were able to operate online have been successful and have shown the way for other companies and individuals. We at QX World have also learned a lot. We were for years explicitly focusing on on-site events, as it was always our aim to connect people from all over the world through education. How could we do that better than with events where people could meet each other live?

The circumstances of the last couple of months have changed our opinion a lot. First and foremost, online teaching appears to have several advantages. In addition, there are also a number of drawbacks that call for proactive measures. In the future you too will probably be working more and more with people “online”, through advice or through the remote function.

There is probably no better science and clinically applicable medicine as clinical BNS to do this. Market research has shown that several former students and practitioners have continued to work online and in subspace. An online study of cBNS opens up tremendous opportunities for you as a professional to continue to provide support, regardless of future circumstances.

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The aim of this study is to train as many therapists and doctors as possible in clinical BNS (cBNS), as developed over the years in the QX World devices by Prof. Desirée Dubounet and his teachers worldwide. In this way, many more patients and clients can be helped in a truly integrated way; cBNS gives the possibility to identify the causes and the black box of even complex diseases and to influence them in an optimal way with your device and additional lifestyle advice. A second, and even important goal, is to be able to offer a unique concept for the prevention of all kinds of preventable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity. And remember, cBNS is not alternative medicine, but an evidence-based science with a very clear central moto: ‘The only real medicine, is medicine that cures people structurally’.

Admission to training requires a basic knowledge of health and the human body. As the training focuses on the integration of many scientific studies (e.g., psycho-neuro-immunology) in the QX World devices and Omnis software, possession of a device is highly recommended.

It is not mandatory to take part in the exams. If the student has taken at least 80% of all classes he or she will receive a certificate of participation. If you want to take an exam, you can register via an enrollment form. In order to take the exam, the student must have completed 80% of all modules. The costs of the practical exam are € 250, -. The exam consists of a written and a practical part. At the end of the year there will be a practical exam with a real patient plus a theory exam with another 30 multiple choice questions. The practical exam is based on a real patient within a real clinical BNS consultation. When the exam is passed successfully, the title “Therapist in clinical Biochemistry and Neurofeedback Science” may be used. Failure to pass the exams has no other consequences than that the student may, at a time to be determined, be given a retake.

Dates of the exams will be communicated by email in the spring.

As indicated, as soon as possible the training will be given in the form of combined didactics. On site in our classroom in Budapest and with the possibility to take the course live online. There will be people who absolutely do not want to come together in larger groups. The group of people who only want to take online lessons can do so without any problem. All lessons will be recorded. The 80% attendance (online and/or live) will of course continue to apply in order to obtain the diploma. This is needed to take the exam.

Wim Verschelden

Professional experience:

  • Ford Motor Company (Antwerp, Belgium) (2 years), logistics department – responsible for the roll-out of Videotex search engine for stock with colleague Ford dealers and data analyst of the DOE order entry system.
  • Logistics Manager Belgium Luxembourg at Beherman Auto, Mazda Division during 2 years.
  • Logistics Manager Benelux at Novartis Consumer Health 1995-2003, during which I spent 7 months in Switzerland as International Demand Manager on the production site in Nyon (near Geneva). Spearheaded multiple ERP system migrations (see supra): BPCS, JD Edwards and SAP (Logistics and Warehouse modules).
  • Distribution Manager in VF Europe 2003-2004 where I managed the largest European Distribution Center in St-Niklaas (Belgium).
  • While studying and learning to work with the SCIO, earned my living in an Interim job at Bettr Logistics, short term managing a Distribution Warehouse for Ontex 2004-2005.
  • Finally started my Private Practice in Natural Health in 2005 to this date – currently specialised in Biofeedback and Orthomolecular Medicine and clinical Psycho Neuro Endocrino Immunology.
  • Since 2007 I started tutoring and training my Biofeedback colleagues, at first only in Belgium (Quantum Tech), later on also in The Netherlands, currently writing the Training Modules of clinical Biochemistry and Neuro feedback Science (cBNS) to be taught in Budapest for QXWorld.

Specific Education related to my current Private Practice in Natural Medicine:

  • Degree in Natural Health at the European Academy, Antwerp (Belgium) 2001-2005.
  • Degree in Oligotherapy (RP Vitamino) 2004-2005.
  • Successfully passed the Entry Exam to be a validated member in the Natural Health Association Gezondheidsbegeleiders (VGB) (2005)
  • Multiple Education Modules to be able to work professionally with the SCIO – Indigo, Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Budapest (Hungary) supervised by The Quantum Alliance + a two month internship with an esteemed colleague in Colorado, US (2005-2006).
  • Degree in Orthomolecular Medicine, 2010 at Natura Foundation, The Netherlands.
  • Degree in Clinical Psycho Neuro Endocrino Immunology, 2016 at Natura Foundation, The Netherlands.
  • Degree in Resiliance Consultant, 2017 at Healthspan-pro, led by Dr. Herlinde Wynants.
  • Mastercourse Sexual Hormonal Pathways, 2017 at Natura Foundation, The Netherlands.
  • Currently in 2nd year at Eduarta (Steiner background), Belgium to obtain a Pedagody degree (4 years Education Course)…
  • To be continued…