QX WORLD 2019 Pre-Conference Refresher's Course

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About the Conference

  28th October 2019

The first 50 people who register for the QX WORLD 2019 Conference can enjoy a COMPLIMENTARY 1 Day Refresher's Course at the renewed QX WORLD HeadQuarters, where you will have the chance to go over topics you are insecure about, ask navigation questions you always wondered about, and get the most information from our talented Speakers! At no additional cost, this is our gift to you for being the most dedicated and supportive Practitioners! Lunch and 2 Coffee Breaks are provided, compliments of the QX WORLD Team! To register, go the Mini Conferences Section, and book your seat at the Pre Conference Refresher's Course! IMPORTANT! Your World Conference Ticket must be purchased in advance!

Conference venue & time

Tinodi street 1-3, C. building, I. floor, door 8, Budapest, 1095
28 October 2019 - 28 October 2019


We have invited some of the best trainers in the field! List, background information and pictures are continuously updated!

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