Scalar Human, the 5 Koshas and Sports Medicine with Susan Harms

About the Conference

The Scalar Human

Susan will present an overview of some of the work and theories of a few of our current day thinkers like Tom Shearwater, Prof Konstantine Myle, as well as tying in the background of quantum mechanics, quantum physics and science from the likes of Bohm, Hertz, Maxwell, Faraday and Tesla. This unfolds into a very fascinating discussion about the concept of us, as “The Scalar Human” and the possibility that “We”—as human beings—correspond to the architecture of a tesla coil. What are the implications that we can derive from these interesting concepts, as in how they relate to energy work and benefitting from our biofeedback technologies? Discover some specific explanations that might help describe why it is possible to influence more than just our physical plane of existence and beyond our space-time continuum into the spiritual.

The 5 Koshas & Using the Device As An Extension Of Your Client

A discussion about the 5 Koshas;
The Divine/Spiritual/Bliss Body
The Intuitive or Awareness Body
The Mental Body
The Vital Energy Body
The Physical Body
The 5 koshas delineate the subtle process, by which energy progressively condenses, out of the quantum soup of un-manifest potential and eventually densifies into the concrete and visible physical body. An overview and investigation of the various programs in the software to holistically influence these subtler body aspects. Use the SCIO/INDIGO/EDUCTOR systems as an extension of our clients. The importance of the many superconscious choice applications, in the software. How we can address some of the epigenetic markers that affect our physical health. What options are there to unravel the threads that have been knotting up, preventing and hindering our body’s self-healing efforts.

The principles of sport medicine.

Susan will review the principles of sport medicine and how we can utilize this information and incorporate it into our sessions. Learn about the methods and many hands-on applications to choose from--to help address a client with any type of acute or chronic, injury or trauma. Discover why increasing the number of available electrons in our body cells, is so significant, and how this relates to an increased rate of self-healing.

Conference venue & time

Tinodi street 1-3, A. building, IV. floor, door 93, Budapest, 1095
14 May 2019 - 17 May 2019


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