Healing Sleep with Margret Margrétardóttir jr

About the Conference

Healing Sleep
• The importance of sleep
• What causes sleep problems
• Where does a sleep issue begin
• Underlying stress
• Sleep patterns
• Can a sleep pattern be changed
In this workshop I will talk about sleep, and everything that relates and connects to this fascinating, important part of all out lives which we spend 1/3 of our lives doing.
Lets investigate how far back a sleep issue can go and what/who it relates, and start a healing process from the core.
Looking at habits, patterns and addiction, importance of nutrition, different kinds of stress, hydration, breathing and so much more.
How to create a healing and relaxing environment, both with our devices and in our beadroom before going to sleep.
Some of the things that will be addressing with our devices, allowing the subconscious mind to guide the way :
• Specific hormones
• Nervous system
• Brain waves
• Spinal
• Sleeping programs in harness/virtual
• Relaxation
• Ages
• Emotions
• Homotoxicology
• Superimpossition
• Flower Essences
• Biofeedback
• Aura/Chakras
Healing from the core – implement relaxation exercices – Sleep better – Lusid dreaming

Conference venue & time

Tinodi street 1-3, A. building, IV. floor, door 93, Budapest, 1095
12 June 2019 - 14 June 2019


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