Naturopathic Training with Penny Fox!

About the Conference

A topic never out-of-date, naturopathic medicine has more and more applications into today's world.
Join Penny FOX at QX WORLD in September this year to get an innovative naturopathic approach including, but not limited to, the following topics:

Legal & Safety Issues. Nelson Medicine Strategy. The 5 Pillars of Health. The 3 Steps of the Biological Clock. Flow of disease. Causes of Disease. P.E.A.R. Data. SOC Interpretation. Animal testing. Athletes. Biorhythms. Medical Astrology. Relationship Issues. Geopathic Stress. Calibration/Running the Test. VARHOPE Scores. Risk Profile. BodyViewer, Iridology, Disease Dictionary. BIG and the Eductor Screens. Evaluation & Comprehension of the Main Test & Data page. Individual Reaction. Searching for an Item. Looking Deeper into an Item. Shaping Function. Alarm. Stem Cell Therapy. Detoxifying. Homotoxicology. Miasms. Short Sarcodes. Sarcodes. Spinal. Nutrition. Enzymes. Hormone Therapy. Sports Program. The Nervous System. The Human Energy Field. The Aura, Chakras & Dimensions. Anti Aging/ Rejuvination. Spiritual Healing. Causes & Agravations. Allergy. Testing Nutrients. Homeopathic Activation. The Therapy Page. Dental. Entities. Biofeedback. Brainwaves. Blood. Patients Superconsciousness panel. Timed Therapies. Degenerative Disease. Hamer Herd Therapy. AFE. Working with a Group. Subconscious Interaction. ELF. Making Reports. Nelson Report. Auto Meridian Therapy. Auto Trivector. Scaler & Colour Therapy.

As usual, there will be time for Questions & Answers.

At the end of the course there will be a Practical Hands on Testing in pairs, for the Course Certification.

This training is aimed to cover all levels from the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We will have the pleasure of Desiree Dubounet’s Expertise for 1 afternoon.
This will be an Intensive Course starting at 9.30 – and ending at approximately 5.30, for 4 days.

Conference venue & time

Tinodi street 1-3, A. building, IV. floor, door 93, Budapest, 1095
02 September 2019 - 05 September 2019


We have invited some of the best trainers in the field! List, background information and pictures are continuously updated!

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